Dog Training Services



All training begins with a consultation, which takes place in your home and lasts up to 2 hours. We address three important topics:  why your dog is misbehaving, how you may be unknowingly contributing, what you can do today to begin to see a change in these behaviors. We will give you an accurate and fair recommendation regarding which program best suits your needs.

The initial consultation costs $125. If you choose to purchase a lesson package, the $125 is credited toward the price of your package. If not, you simply pay for the consultation as a stand-alone service – there is no obligation.


If your puppy is between 7-14 weeks of age, this is the program for you! We use reward-based methods in this critical learning period to teach your puppy important manners and life skills.

Puppy Preschool addresses important issues such as: Teaching basic commands, Potty Training, Crate Training, Nipping, Chewing and Healthy Socialization, Healthy Play

Because this program gives your puppy a head start to learning Obedience skills, upon completion we will credit $100 towards any future Obedience program.  Contact us today!




If your dog does any of the following, this program may be right for you: doesn’t know simple commands, won’t come back when called, doesn’t respond to their name, pulls on the leash, jumps on visitors, bolts out the door, begs for food, doesn’t know how to relax around the house, lacks a reliable sit/down/stay.

Having a dog without Manners or Basic Obedience skills can be extremely frustrating. Here’s a dirty secret: Most often we find the dogs don’t even know what they are doing is wrong! They may even think they are playing. Have you ever shown them how to do things correctly in a way they understand? Probably not.

We will teach YOU how to teach your dog new obedience and life skills all while eliminating bad manners. We will also focus on solid leash skills that make walking your pup a breeze. You will learn how to apply training in your own home, in real time, as distractions happen.

A trained dog will add to the happiness in your life! We promise! Suddenly having them around makes life more enjoyable, peaceful and fun. Contact Us Today!


So you’ve always wanted an impressively trained dog you can bring anywhere and be proud of at home and out in public? Or maybe you are interested in your dog having Off-Leash freedom? Either way, this is the program for you!

Real World Obedience goes beyond our Obedience Skill & Manners program. Our goal here is to achieve solid Obedience that holds up to a wide variety of distractions at home as well as in public. If you choose to go the Off-Leash route, we eventually incorporate the use of a remote collar.

This training begins in your home and the progresses to public locations including, but not limited to: parks, pet stores, forest preserves, farmers markets, car shows. Contact Us Today!



If your dog displays any of the following, he/she requires Behavior Modification: Separation Anxiety, Incessant Barking, Lunging, Aggression, Fearfulness, Excessive Anxiety, Human Reactivity, Dog Reactivity, Pica (swallowing inedible objects), Guarding Food/Objects.

The goal with Behavior Modification is to help your dog feel differently about their world. We do this by forming new positive associations using things your dog is motivated by. Next, we focus on correcting unwanted behaviors and teaching alternative coping skills. During the process, we place a lot of weight on fulfilling the individual needs that are characteristic of your dog’s breed. This unique program promotes trust between the dog and owner. Contact us and see what a difference Behavior Modification can make.


Want to get a jump start on your training with a total immersion program?

Our Stay & Train allows your dog the opportunity to live with a trainer and receive daily professional work in the trainer’s home. The trainer and client set goals to be worked on during the dog’s stay. We keep the client up-to-date with the dog’s progress with pictures and video.

The length and price of this program is dependent on your dog’s issues and your training goals. Dogs must be comfortable in a crate and housebroken for Sleepover Camp. For your convenience, we do offer a pick-up and drop-off service. Contact Us For a Price Quote.




Have you mastered your basic obedience? Do you have high hopes for your dog beyond sit and stay? Advanced obedience, foundation for dog sports, drive building, and trick training are just some of the things you can accomplish with our Next Level training.  Next Level dogs have learned to find and retrieve shed deer antlers, how to detect certain odors, and advanced tricks. The content of your lessons is determined by your goals. We’ll design a custom training program to help you achieve your advanced goals with your dog. Training is for life and advanced training strengthens your bond with your dog. If you want more than the basics, give us a call!