Mia and Sophie

We can not thank Susie enough for what she has done for our family! First of all, she is not only super personable (we looked forward to seeing her!), but extremely informative. Secondly, the convenience of having all… Read More


We can’t thank you enough for helping us train Zora, our kick ass Pit Mix. Your training techniques have given Zora the discipline and behaviors that put Pitbull critics to shame. We loved how thorough you have been… Read More


Our dog Brandy is a rescue that came from a troubled past. She was obviously abused and sustained mental injuries that presented itself with, at times, intense fear aggression. She had bitten on quite a few occasions, yet… Read More


Juno became a part of our family last summer as an 8 week old puppy. She was tiny and cute and lovable. But, Juno is a Great Dane. She was not destined to be tiny forever. Our veterinarian… Read More


Since the day Ava became part of our family, she was always a smart, very sweet, loving dog but with a mind of her own. Ava went to puppy training and though it helped us through the basics,… Read More