How to Play with Your Dog: Part 1

  “He doesn’t like toys. If I throw something, he runs after it a little but won’t pick it up,” explained Pam, the very nice owner of a very cute 1 yr old Sheltie named Casey. She picked… Read More

I’ve Got This Feeling…

When a behavior problem isn’t really about behavior at all…   Yesterday I went to visit some wonderful clients of mine. Ashley and Jordan have two sweet, excitable Labrador retriever mixes named Nitro and Sebastian. They’ve put a… Read More

4 Myths on Aggression in Dogs

Working as a behavior consultant for fearful, reactive, and aggressive dogs, I often hear new clients express unnecessary concerns or beliefs about their dog’s behavior based on information that is outdated or just plain wrong! My hardworking clients… Read More

Doomed to Fail: Thoughts on “Padi”

In June of 2015, in Brandenton, FL, a dog named Padi was roaming loose at the vet clinic belonging to his owner, Dr. Paul Gartenberg. A four year old child entered the business with his babysitter, and (according… Read More

Welcome to Problem Solved! Dog Training


Problem Solved Dog Training is dedicated to making a positive impact in the everyday lives of dogs, and helping them achieve fulfilling lives primarily by teaching their humans the skills necessary to properly communicate with and train their… Read More

Reducing Dog Stress During Christmas

Featured Demo

I was delighted to see a recent local newspaper article entitled “How To Reduce Stress On Pets When Hosting Guests”. With the holidays approaching, I thought this was fantastic to bring to people’s attention and I quickly delved… Read More

An unexpected litter, Puppy Expectations

You won’t believe it if I tell you about it.  I know a man with two dogs.   We shall refer to him as Darth Vader and you will know why shortly.

Behavior Intervention is born

Calling a Dog Trainer is a little bit like calling an Interventionist.  You hit a point where you just “can’t take it anymore” so you have tried what you know, what you have read, and you need help. … Read More

Delaware-Where is all started

Learning Dog Training in Delaware… What an awesome experience! I spent four weeks taking a course through Canine Trade Group. This was only the beginning of this career for me.