I just wanted to share my WONDERFUL experience with Emily and thank her for helping us keep our family together!!! In our house we have 2 fur babies, Linus (9) and Milo (3), and 2 fur-less babies Audrey (3) and Charlotte (5months). Milo and Audrey were having a rough time getting along (and that’s putting it VERY mildly). Milo would growl at Audrey if she was within 3 feet of him, and Audrey being a toddler just wanted to play with the cute puppy. That usually ended in tears and boo boo kisses, so we called Problem Solved Dog Training and had Emily come for a consultation. She was SUPER informative and suggested a 4 session package, and while I was trying to convince my husband that it would be worth it even though he said giving the dog away would be cheaper, Milo drew first blood and he agreed to try it. From the consultation to the 3rd lesson Milo has improved IMMENSELY! I don’t want to be too long winded here so pictures are worth a thousand words…Milo and Audrey learning to get along!


Elgin, IL